Teensy Digital Theremin

Teensy Digital Theremin

This is an attempt to design good DIY digital theremin based on microcontroller.

This project is currently in progress.


This is open source open hardware project.

You can freely build device using instructions for personal usage, but cannot sell it.

Firmware is licensed under GPL v2 license.


Components to buy

Teensy 4.1 MCU board

Microcontroller board Teensy 4.1 $26.85 on PJRC.COM

Teensy 4.1 image

It’s pretty suitable microcontroller board for designing of digital theremin. Thanks to Paul Stoffregen.

  • ARM Cortex-M7 at 600 MHz (overclocking up to 1GHz)
  • Float point math unit, 64 & 32 bits
  • 7936K Flash, 1024K RAM (512K tightly coupled), 4K EEPROM (emulated)
  • QSPI memory expansion, locations for 2 extra RAM or Flash chips
  • USB device 480 Mbit/sec & USB host 480 Mbit/sec
  • 55 digital input/output pins, 35 PWM output pins
  • 18 analog input pins
  • 8 serial, 3 SPI, 3 I2C ports
  • 2 I2S/TDM and 1 S/PDIF digital audio port
  • 3 CAN Bus (1 with CAN FD)
  • 1 SDIO (4 bit) native SD Card port
  • 32 general purpose DMA channels
  • USB Host 5 Pins with power management
  • SDIO (4 bit data) - Micro SD Socket

Memory can be extended by soldering of additional PSRAM chips (2 x 8MB).

Hardware timer resolution is important for sensitivity of theremin sensor. On teensy, it’s working on F_CPU / 4 : 200MHz for 800MHz F_CPU.

Teensy 4.1 image

For programming, you can use Teensyduino plugin for Arduino IDE.

Teensy Audio Board revision D

Teensy 4 Audio (rev D) $13.75 on PJRC.COM

Teensy 4.1 image

This is SGTL500 based board.

Supports 16bit 48KHz stereo, with Line In, Line Out, and Phones Out.

Buy revision D (designed for using with Teensy 4.x)

Color Touch LCD 2.8 inch

Color 320x240 TFT resistive touchscreen $16 on PJRC.COM

Teensy 4.1 image

TFT board has ILI9341 display controller and XPT2046 resistive touch controller - both accessed via SPI.

Current version display and controls board is designed for using with 2.8 inch screen. There is larger, 3.2 inch display with the same pinout - probably, we will redesign display board for bigger screen.


LTSpice model